Cott sales increase driven by Route Based Services

Canada-based beverages solutions provider Cott reported solid Q2 2018 results led by its Route Based Services segment.
The company saw sales increase by 4% to $604 million, and adjusted EBITDA also grew 2% to $83 million.
In the Route Based Services division, sales grew by 7% to $413 million, helped by last year’s Crystal Rock acquisition. Profit also increased 7% to $258 million, driven primarily by increased sales, but offset in part by market inflation including freight costs.
In the Coffee, Tea and Extract Solutions segment, sales fell 5% to $145.5 million due to the pass-through of the reduction in green coffee commodity costs, change in customer mix and the lapping of strong volume growth from Q2 2017.
Cott reiterated its target for the full year, expecting sales of over $2.35 billion.
Cott CEO Jerry Fowden said: “I am especially pleased with the performance of our Route Based Services segment during the quarter as we continued to see top and bottom line growth even with inflation in areas such as freight and other general SG&A costs.”

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