Ufipa Figures: Stationery Rebounds Shyly in April

Each month, the I+C Institute and Ufipa report the market figures for stationery and office supplies. In April, the sector posted + 1%, with a strong contrast between circuits intended for households (-8%) and those favored by professionals (+ 7%). Over the last twelve months, the market is up 1%.
On the household side, all distribution channels are affected by this decline, even pure players with -12%. Hyper-supermarkets are -9.5%, independent -5% and cultural specialists -3%. In the professional circuits, the VADists and the suppliers respectively record + 13,5% and + 6,5%, whereas the superstores are less strong than usual with -3%. The product families that sold best in April were furniture and office supplies, as well as general service products.

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